Festival Fully Funded

Social Media Festival Pakistan SMFP 2018

The University of Lahore (Pakistan) is going to hold the “Social Media Festival Pakistan 2018” at Main Campus Defence Road, Off Raiwand Road, Lahore on 26 – 27 March, 2018. This is no cost for attending the social media festival.

Social media has quickly become an integral part of our lives; perhaps most importantly though, it has become a substantial source of constant information. Nothing else is so abundant in user-created content, content which is then shared, exchanged, reviewed and discussed, creating a dynamic network possible of considerable and quantifiable change. Used in nearly all sectors, from marketing to the recent social-media planned uprising in Arab countries, social media has without a doubt become a very powerful tool.

The idea spawned the creation of the Social Media Festival 2018 (SMF’18). There is a need for the youth and professionals alike to start using social media efficiently and effectively, and realizing its potential. SMF’18 will be a 2-day conference, conducted by Center for Sustainability Research and Practice at university of Lahore, with different sessions related to different aspects of social media. The sessions hope to be interactive and content-rich,infusing as much as they can into the audience during their time period.

Registrations Cost: Free

Registration Process: Anyone interested to participate in SMF18 must come with CNIC or Student Card. All registrations will be done at the Registration Desk.

Venue: University of Lahore, Main Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwand Road, Lahore (Pakistan)

Timing: Plenary sessions will be conducted from 10 am to 4 pm. However, concerts will start at 7 pm which will end at 10pm.

More information can be obtained from CSRP SMFP 2018.