About Us

Vision: Our vision is to become the best choice for youngsters for reliable and authentic opportunities.

Mission: Becoming an opportunity portal maintained by young people, for other youngsters!

IamScholar is a group of young enthusiasts and activists who want all the opportunities accessible to every youngster. Here, you can see a brief introduction of all those who are somewhat related to this portal.

~Board of Directors~

Founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Muddassir Ayaz Mahmood Chaudhary

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Shakeel Ahmad Mughal


Here is a list of volunteers attached with IamScholar.com

  • Shakeel Ahmad (PhD Scholar, CNRRI, China)
  • Usman Bashir
  • Arslan Nawaz (PhD Scholar, Germany)
  • Chaudhary Saqib Omar (PhD Scholar, GSCAAS, China)
  • Khadija Sabir (MS Leading PhD Programme Scholar, France)
  • Tahir Javed (PhD Scholar, IHEP, China)
  • Muhammad Usman Tahir (PhD Fellow, Saudi Arabia)