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16th Young Leaders Summit by Positive Pakistan

Positive Pakistan is going to bring together 3000 youth from all over the country on Sunday 11th March 2018 in Islamabad to help them develop leadership skills, highlight global issues, understand the challenges and equip young people for the solutions. We would like to see the youth becoming engaged and involved in their local communities for positive social change.

Background: The prime objective of conducting a conference is either to start a new program by Positive Pakistan or to boost already running programs. The vision of Positive Pakistan clearly guides us about youth development and this is the reason we have already conducted 15 youth summits to achieve our objectives. The themes on life-skills, renewal of Pakistan’s ideology, and use of innovative skills for positive social change in the 21st century, digital era and character building of youth are thoughtful ideas for youth development.

Benefits: This conference can become an opportunity to provide the youth a platform to train and engage mentors for proper guidance and counseling, capacity building of youth led organizations; awareness, sensitization for positive social change, exploring and guiding the youth for relevant employment and placements with a focus on youth development in collaboration with local youth-led organizations.

Objectives: The objectives are somewhat linked with establishing partnerships among youth and youth-led organizations and youth movements, global trends among youth, showing right direction to the youth, creating an inclusive youth participation platform, creating awareness on socio cultural changes and much more.

Sessions & Focused Areas: The two sessions will identify the problems, issues and challenges faced by our youth, such as extremism, social media, career guidance, distance learning, life-skills, leadership, skills training, job placement, significance of digital i- and e-businesses, innovative technologies, self-employment, governance, political awareness, Human Rights and youth engagement in the development of sustainable future.
The Motivational Sessions will include the current statistics of the youth; and will realize interactions and presentations to ¬find the solutions to the problems of youth.

Venue: Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad.

Dates: 11 March 2018

Registration Process: Interested participants are required to fill in form (online)


Registration fee: Rs. 500/- (Silver Participants for sitting in Gallery) and Rs. 1000/- (Gold Participants for sitting in Main Hall). This registration fee includes certificate and lunch.

The fee can be deposited in the following methods:

  • UPaisa (33178783246)
  • Bank of Punjab (Account Title: Positive Pakistan and Account Number : 01560050067870000)

After depositing fee the applicant must send the proof of transaction (Amount/Date/Time/Pic of Bank receipt or Screenshot of Mobile Message) along with your personal details (Name/Father Name/Institution/City) to any of the following persons:

  • Iftikhar Ahmed 0344-5478121
  • Samran Butt 0331-7878324